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Hello you! It's, me, Britta! My love for design began when I was in 6th grade. I was given a math problem to solve that had to do with the costs and profits of making and selling greeting cards. I made my very first greeting card. From that day on, my love for graphic and web design has continued to grow, and my knowledge and experience has expanded tremendously. Through each class I gained more understanding of the many aspects that work together to create professional design. I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor's Degree in Web & Graphic Design. This site encompasses many pieces I have designed, created, and executed.
brittakristine officially launched in January 2016 as a way for me take my love for design & help others achieve the best version of their brand!

I bring ideas to life in a creative manner with marketing, branding, & design. I can't wait to work with you 💗

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I'll reply in no time...I look forward to helping you with your next project! We can discuss the details of how I can help you with your brand. Together, let's make this an innovative, inspired, and influenced experience!

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Phone: 612 655 8667